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About us

Founded in 2011 by Kerjam88, XAlexUK- and Joshh-1990 under the name of Born2Game. We started off on Playstation 3 on Black ops, resistance 3, Battlefield and Fifa. We played competitive on Black ops in 2 different Gaming Leagues run by Alex and Josh. We then moved in Modern Warfare 3 on PS4 which also was competitive play. After this we decided to be low key casual gaming and a around 6 of us gamed for fun for a few years until January 2020 we had talks to get another website and try to recruit more members again. We started again on Battlefield 5 and Modern Warfare / Warzone. June 2020 we decided to expand to Xbox, Nintendo and PC and recruited few more members. Lydia and Sophie helping to run Nintendo side, Adam helping Alex run the PC side and Kerry and Josh running the Playstation Platform. September 1st 2020 we decided to rebrand from Born2game to Anigma Gaming.