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Nintendo stops shops from selling Switch digital download codes in Europe


Retailers will no longer be able to sell download codes for first party Nintendo games in Europe, with the eShop now the only way to buy.

In a move that is not going to go down well with fans, Nintendo are preventing stores from selling digital download codes of their games, meaning that the only place you can buy digital versions of first party Nintendo games is via the Switch eShop.

Third party games, i.e. those published by someone other than Nintendo, are unaffected but ShopTo revealed the news that it and other retailers will no longer be able to sell codes from today.

Nintendo point out that eShop funds, Nintendo Switch Online memberships, and DLC content, as well as third party games, can still be sold by retailers, which means that discounts are still possible on eShop credit.

Still, it’s an unnecessary home goal in terms of PR, especially as the new rules have been put into place with no warning whatsoever.

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